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It was around one year ago from now that I wrote my first blog post. I have grown in many aspects of my life within the last year. My moms diagnosis has helped me to understand more about who I am than I ever imagined I could. This last year has been a long and tough journey for me and family. However, my family has became closer than ever I am going to be making some changes to my website in order to help better provide families and patients with the best resources possible. This blog post is just a short explanation for my reasoning. The main changes I will be bringing to my website is external resources, guest speakers for blog posts and an increased effort to connect with my viewers. My resources page that I will be adding is going to be a page where people can find highlighted articles about cancer from bloggers, doctors and survivors. I will also provide helpful videos, ways to connect with a doctor and any resources I find that can help patients and families lives easier. The next change I want to highlight is getting guest speakers to help with blog posts. I am hoping to get top level cancer doctors, coping and grief coaches, patients with unique stories and my own mom and family to be featured in order to help provide another outlook than mine. This blog is a passion of mine that I want to continue throughout college. I hopefully will go to school far away and get a different perspective from people in various regions to speak upon their own experiences. My final of the three changes is going to be an improvement in my activity with my blog. Now that it has been a year since I have started the page, my involvement has continued to remain constant. This has showed me that my blog and website is not something I will give up on, it will follow me all the way into my future. This has sparked my interest in order to try and grow my page even more. I will be continuing to hold Zoom meetings where I have spoken with like minded people before. I will also be increasing my amount of blog posts that I will share. And finally, I will be continuing to promote my page to anyone who will listen since a page like this was what I needed the most when I was struggling. I do not want to continue this post for much longer but I would like to express my gratitude for everyone who reads my posts. I want to grow this page and hear about everyone's experiences even more than I already have. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has read my posts and interacted with my page and I hope that I have affected each and every reader in a positive way.

Tucker Welty <3

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