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The issue with cancer survival rates/ percentages

In the one and a half years that have passed since my mom was originally diagnosed with a rare form of stage IV kidney cancer, I have not once googled what the survival rate or life expectancy was. So many people use this statistic as a baseline tell all be all in order to determine the seriousness (or unseriousness) of one's condition. The issue with these statistics is that they vary. The two digit percentage that is shown from this google search does not tell you the age ranges, previous habits that led to the cancer, how their treatment was and more. This means that the survival rate for a 100 year old man that smoked his entire life is included in the same statistic as a 25 year old woman who has lived a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Another factor is treatment. When cancer is referred to as a "battle", it is accurate. Going to every checkup, scheduling appointments, treatments, chemotherapy and more can be draining especially for someone already dealing with a health implication as serious as cancer. Often times, older patients wont accept treatment since they do not feel like expensing the cost and more when they already have had prior health implications.

These statistics do nothing for the person who searches it except for scaring them. Despite these statistics almost never being completely accurate when ones personal medical background is brought into play, the statistics are damaging. There is absolutely nothing good that can come from it except for a pit of depression and worry. I recommend asking your doctor about the seriousness of your own situation instead.

Cancer forms inside of us so it is often not viewed as something we can fight. However, one of the best things a doctor can help patients with is explaining what they can do to proactively fight their cancer, improve their mental health, and give themselves a better chance at beating this implication. Since being diagnosed, y mom has ate better, started working out, meditating and getting massages in order to help lower stress and help her to stay motivated throughout her fight.

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