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Staying positive during difficult times

People often view the negative aspects of life before first stepping back and being grateful for what they already have. I myself, am guilty of this as well. When faced a difficulty in life, in my family's case cancer, it is easy to fall in a pit of bad thoughts and a degrading mentality. However, it is important that during these times, we step back and look at all that is good. Personally, when my mom was first diagnosed, I constantly thought about all of the negative things that could happen. It was not until later on that I realized how great the people around me are. Friends and family are two key aspects in my life that helped me get through these times. Having somebody to talk too was the most beneficial treatment for the issues I was having. Now, I know that I have people who care about my mom and I who are willing to talk whenever we are feeling down. The moral I want to express is that taking. your mind away from the negativity will prove beneficial in the end. Bad thoughts will only drag you down further.

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