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My favorite Kidney Cancer Resources

As taught in english classes for years, having various resources is extremely important! The same goes for cancer awareness. This post is more so just me helping you all with some more resources apart from Kidney Cancer Connection. One thing that helps me when coping with my own experience is giving back. There is something about being selfless and redirecting attention from yourself to others through helpful means that is often very fulfilling to me. I will provide links for donating below and talk about various sites! (All websites shown are charity approved/ recognized and are trustworthy to donate to!

National Kidney Foundation

NFK is an amazing organization and is the most well known throughout the entire kidney health community. This was one of the websites I found most useful after my moms diagnosis. NFK has various non monetary ways of helping those affected by Kidney illnesses as well! I will provide a link below to their donation page, feel free to check them out and their sponsored events and fundraisers as well as tips for how we can all give back!

Kidney Can

Similar to my page, Kidney Can focuses primarily on Kidney Cancer instead of the broad scope of Kidney related problems. My moms Kidney Cancer specialist (Dr. Moshe Ornstein) introduced me to this organization and their amazing resources. Please check them out and I will leave their donate Link below!

The American Cancer Society

This organization is the broadest out of these three sites but they still have amazing tips and resources focused on Kidney Cancer. The link below is not a Kidney Cancer specific link but is for cancer treatments as a whole for any kind of cancer unlike the other two which focus on kidney treatments/ problems specifically.

Thank you for your time and I hope these resources help! I wanted to provide some resources for donation since I am not yet a recognized non profit. Please continue to check out my page as well and one of my main goals for Kidney Cancer Connection is to become a nonprofit organization that can hold fundraising events and allow people to donate towards kidney cancer treatments! <3

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