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Creating healthy ways to cope with a new reality

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The process and time following a diagnosis of cancer can often cause people to fall into states of depression or overall sadness. Finding a healthy way to cope with this "new reality" is very important and was one of the things that helped me the most to stay positive. I often resulted to working out for my personal experience. It helped me to take my mind off of negative thoughts and focus on myself. Cooking for a loved one with cancer is also extremely important. Forming a closer bond with somebody who has cancer is one of the best things you can do to help somebody. Cancer is difficult for everybody involved and a lack. of communication and sharing time with each other can be detrimental. Cooking a meal for the person in your life with cancer is a great. way to show your appreciation for them. If you do not live with them then it is also helpful to bring them pre cooked meals. When my Mom was diagnosed the amounts of people who brought over food to us was overwhelming. Our kitchen was filled with tupperware with food inside. It showed how many people truly care about my mom and it helped us to relax and not have to cook. Another great way to cope is through spending time with those you love. Cooking a meal is a great way but also watching a movie, playing a board game or any other activity you all enjoy. This can help to lift the worrisome mood and bad thoughts that often cloud our vision in the time following a diagnosis. The most important thing to do is creating a positive connection with the person who has been diagnosed, or if it is you who has been diagnosed, then finding ways to take your mind off of the negative thoughts is the best option.

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