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Creating bonds through ones diagnosis

It is easy to feel alone when we are dealing with a crisis at our hands. This was the case for me after my moms diagnosis with cancer. I kept telling myself that "nobody can relate" or that "nobody cares". Looking back, I realize how wrong I truly was. My mom wasn't the first person to ever be diagnosed with cancer, and she surely wasn't the last. This meant that there were people out there who have had similar experiences as mine. It took me time to understand this but once I did, it gave me motivation for starting this blog. It is easy to often feel alone when obstacles are placed before us.

I had friends and family who reached out to me once they had heard about my moms diagnosis.Thee amount of people who cared for me and wanted to talk about their experiences as well was reassuring. It showed me that I was not alone and that people had similar experiences as well. Anybody who has been put in this situation or one similar knows that pity is not a tool for healing. Rather, hearing about other peoples lives and how they coped with similar situations is the most reassuring aspect. Expertise makes all the difference. That is why as years go on and my blog and website grow, I want to feature doctors and people with experiences to have a blog post or interview of their own on my page. I hope this post has helped you and if anybody needs somebody to talk to, my information is posted on the contact page. <3

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